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Frequently Asked Questions

We obtain and gather industry contacts in numerous ways. Industry professionals can directly provide us with their contact information, or our team will directly reach out to entertainment companies to get an update on staff directories and contact information.

Our contacts are accurate, reliable and up-to-date . If you find outdated or incorrect contact data you can simply contact our team and we will directly reach out to the company in question to request updated contact information for the professional.

Visit our contact us link to report any inaccurate or incorrect contact information.

Everyone can  benefit from using MajorConnects.com to connect to the entertainment industry. Common examples of people who are members include, but not limited to: Actors, Artists/Musicians/Bands, Songwriters, Aspiring Actors, Fashion Models, Managers, Record Labels, Music Producers/Publishers and Talent Scouts.

Access our online and live chat support team: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.


Most major entertainment companies do not allow email attachments to avoid bulk file storage on their email servers. Always attach a link within your email (Example: SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc…) so that your email does not return as unreachable.


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