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Making music without the right connections is just a hobby!
We help our clients grow their music careers by direct exposure to the music industry professionals who really matter.
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Guaranteed Feedback

We're so confident, we put our money where out mouth is. Submit your material to a music industry professional and receive guaranteed feedback on video, within 30 days.

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Diverse Selection

Choose from a variety of professionals to submit your music to such as A&Rs, Music Publishers, Producers, Label Talent Scouts, Music Supervisors, Video Directors & More!

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Various Platforms

Receive your video responses or submit your music to professionals on various platforms on the go such as Android, IOS, Desktop, Mobile & Tablets.

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All Music Genres

Choose a list of professionals to send your music to based on your music genre or style. Increase the chances of receiving good feedback by sending to pros that accept your music genre.

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Specific Searches

Find music professionals based on music placements or past artist credits to narrow your selection before submitting your music.

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More Than Just A Submission Platform.

We have over 15+ years experience in the music industry and our team can also assist you in making a good decision before selecting a professional to submit your music to.

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For Labels, Artists, Producers & More!

You no longer need to depend on traditional managers. We take the guess work out of music industry connections. If you have what it takes, we have the connections your need in the music industry.

Can I get a record deal using this service?

While the main purpose of submitting your music to record label professionals using MajorConnects.com is to gain relationships and receive opportunities and possibly sign a record deal; all deals received after a submission is at the sole discretion of the individual who reviewed your music.

What happens in 30 days if my submission isn't reviewed?

All submissions not reviewed with be credited back to your account to either withdrawal or to apply towards another submission to a different music industry professional.

Can I submit to multiple music professionals at once?

Yes, submitting your music to multiple music professionals is possible. Please remember if you submit individual submissions on separate days, expect your submission to be reviewed 30 calendar days from the day of your submission.

Is there a cancellation policy?

If you decide to cancel your submission within 24 hours after submitting to a contact (and haven't received a video review yet) we will issue a refund excluding administrator fees incurred during submissions.

Submit your best creative work to a TOP music industry professional and receive guaranteed detailed feedback on video within 30 Days!



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